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Dr.Ramesh Bhendigiri

The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”


Training With DR.RAMesh bhendigiri

Train at Kabaddi Rao’s academy in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Learn and improve your Kabaddi skills from certified coaches. Acheive the results you want with proper guidance and training and diet plans.

Kabaddi Rao’s Academy is dedicated to Mr. E. Prasad Rao who has been the pole star in the Kabaddi game. His immense passion and dedication towards Kabaddi has helped the game to become popular in foreign countries. Rao sir is reputed to have spearhead the modernization f Kabaddi to suit international standards by brining the game from mud to the mats.

This academy is founded and led by Dr. Ramesh Bhendigiri whose skillful contribution to Kabaddi as a coach has created many National and International players around the country.

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  • PHD in Kabaddi
  • NIS Coach
  • Dadoji Kondev Award winner

COACHINg Experience

I have been coaching Kabaddi for more than 30 years and below are few highlights of my coaching career.

  • Head Coach for  Indian Women Kabaddi team (2012) – Gold Medal
  • Head Coach for Thailand Women Team for 4 years – Silver Medal 2010
  • Head Coach for Thailand Men Team for 4 years – Bronze Medal
  • Coached 3 Chhatrapati Awarded players.
  • Head Coach for Maharani Tararani Sports Club – One of the most successful women kabaddi club in Maharashtra.
  • Head coach in Pro Kabaddi League (Telgu Titans and Dabaang Delhi)

My Commitment

  • Provide scientific guidance through training.
  • Provide results and improve your physical and game performance .
  • Teach and improve Kabaddi skills
  • Provide importance of fitness and diet and the impact on your body.
  • Post injury training and guidance.
  • Real work,  Real results!


Kabaddi Skilled Training


Off season training


Post injury guidance and fitness development


Kabaddi skills improvement


Strategy and planning skills


And many more

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